You will learn.

How To Make Your First Basic Gun - For ZDoom. Learn the absolute basics of using the SLADE lump editor, and the structure and usage of DECORATE lumps, and how both apply to making a kick-ass auto shotgun.

New Sprites and How They Work For Guns - How to properly save and import PNG graphics, how to align weapon sprites, and how it all rolls together.

Adding Your Own Sound Effects - How to import your own sound effects, and how SNDINFO works.

Altfires, Projectiles, and Accuracy - How to make flying rockets, machine guns, and weapons with multiple firing modes.

Inheritance and Other Time Savers - Learn how to save yourself the tedium by inheriting from other actors to copy code, and how to turn ten lines of identical states into just one.

Inventory "Variables" and Making a Sniper Rifle - Learn how to make your weapon keep track of its status through inventory items, and apply this knowledge to make a sniper rifle that zooms in and out.

New Ammo Types and Weapons That Reload - NEW! 6/28/2012 - Learn how to make your weapons reload using ZDoom's new reload key. Also, how to define new ammo types, and how to use the "old" reload method (for Zandronum).

How to Make Your Weapons Fun to Use - Some tips and guidelines for things like making better weapon animations, choosing your resources, and generally making every weapon fun.

Making Your Project Less of a Pain to Download and Run - Some guidelines that will go a long way toward making sure everybody can enjoy your mod without too much hassle.

An Explanation of the Half-Tic Trick - How I managed to apply a more precise rate of fire on the Uzi in ww-terror.