It's been a while, my friends, and the Doom Armory is unfortunately no more. Well, I've decided to rethink the reason why I started the Armory - initially, I was only really interested in trying mods other people have made, and providing an alternative source of reviews from the (previously more restrictive) /newstuff Chronicles columns at Doomworld. I don't feel that I need to drum up interest in weapon mods anymore - that may be the problem with many mods these days. More people want to make gun patches, and more people decide it's easier to take screenshots from their favorite game or partake of the many pre-made resources to mix-and-match their own arsenal. It doesn't always go well.

So that's why the new Armory - which, by suggestion of Xaser, I've christened "GunLabs" - will focus on tutorials and case-studies, articles, and other things that will help budding gunsmiths learn what works and what doesn't. Of course, it'll also be a place for me to wax nostalgic on older stuff, whether it be a past classic like Immoral Conduct, or even one of my own old mods. It's time to show that making weapon mods isn't the last refuge of a man too lazy to learn to draw or map. And I intend to show this by educating the gun-making masses that their jagged, washed-out Call of Duty rips and huge amalgamations of free weapon resources can be made much, much better.

Welcome to GunLabs. I hope this will help you learn something.