Weasel's Mods

When finished, these links will go to retrospective articles instead of direct links to the idgames database.

Mods That Have Retrospectives:
Style Mod (ZDoom SVN R2309) - A "mutator" for CutmanMike's mutator contest; all weapons have infinite ammo but alt-fires cost Style Points, which all enemies drop. Retrospective added 1/10/2011
Diaz: The Last Hours of Purity (original release) (ZDoom 2.1.6) - More realistic guns, based on characters by Marty Kirra. Retrospective added 6/21/2012

Mods That Do Not Have Retrospectives:
Weasel Presents: NAZIS V2 (ZDoom SVN R3615) - A much less sucky version of the below, with more not-German weapons included.
Weasel Presents: NAZIS! - (ZDoom SVN R3212) - Starring one of the few remaining acceptable targets.
No Rockets For You (Boom) - My only map.
Diaz: The Last Hours of Purity (WW Hits Collection) (GZDoom SVN R183) - I wasn't satisfied with the original Diaz so I made it suck less.
The Adventures of Mister Cola (GZDoom 1.0.10) - Powerful weapons with an overpowered, caffeinated twist.
Mini-Mods Collection (EDGE 1.29) - A selection of single-weapon replacements that can be combined together.
The Stranger (GZDoom 0.9.21) - Anime-inspired weapons; the first part of the "Weaselverse."
Mixed Tape #2 (GZDoom) - A mash-up of my older guns.
Mixed Tape #1 (GZDoom) - A mash-up of my much older guns.
Batteries Still Not Included (ZDoom 2.0.96x) - Another arsenal of nothing but energy weapons.
Doom Illustrated (ZDoom version) (ZDoom 2.0.96x) - I make a selection of comic book inspired weapons...again.
Cold Hard Cash (EDGE 1.29) - No weapon pickups; all weapons must be bought using money beaten out of monsters.
Doom Illustrated (EDGE version) (EDGE 1.29) - I make a selection of comic book inspired weapons. Features Forsaken's PHIL-3.
Batteries Not Included (EDGE 1.27) - An entire arsenal of energy weapons.
Operation Mjolnir (EDGE 1.27) - Remake of Operation Silver Hammer. Wherein Weasel steals all the weapon graphics from NAM and makes it suck less.
Operation Silver Hammer (EDGE 1.27) - Wherein Weasel steals all the weapon graphics from NAM.
Extreme Measures (ZDoom 2.0.63a) - My first mod combining DeHackEd and Decorate monsters. Slightly cool.
Doom Operational Support (ZDoom 2.0.60) - A "remake" of Doom Aesthetics Mod with slightly better resources and DeHackEd work.
Kroz Skin (Legacy-compatible skin) - The player character from ZZT as a Doom skin. I thought about updating this for Skulltag, but...eh.
Film Noir (any) - A simple patch that changes Doom's palette to greyscale.
Independence Doom (Boom-compatible) - A DeHackEd-only (with Decaldef support for ZDoom) patch that makes everything turn into rocket explosions.
Doom Aesthetics Mod (ZDoom 1.23) - My first ZDoom-based mod, featuring many Scuba Steve rips and DeHackEd-based idiocy.
Weasel's Weapons (EDGE 1.27) - A piece of history: my very first weapon mod.